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Happy thief is surrounded to endure by infiltrate marriage banquet cruel ma
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After the thief on infiltrate others wedding is procurable, preparing to sneak away, who knows " catch a thief quickly " draw everybody to surround actually dozen, fortunately the police arrives in time, let him collect answer a lot.

"Happy thief " auditorium of infiltrate marriage banquet
Live in area of Shenyang city peace the guilty suspect Zhang Shuming that tower street honest changes a way on the west is explained, yesterday afternoon 1 when 10 minutes or so, he comes out from the home go for a walk, see palace of Xi Dali appearance is holding marriage dinner, "Bridal person is much, perhaps... " then, the Zhang Shuming that has had criminal record of many second theft secretly infiltrate the marriage banquet spot that upstair holds.
This marriage banquet has entered a climax apparently, a lot of guest sing an edge to jump from Xi Bian. Wear with two peek all the time the Zhang Shuming all round shines suddenly at the moment: 7 seats of banquet of a female guest are empty, and in the middle of there is 3 ladies shopping bag on a seat. Then, his quiet does not have sound on the place that the ground takes to put a package, two tactics was carried over however, pulled open the slide fastener of the handbag secretly.
Zhang Shuming thinks he is done without anybody knowing it, did not become want, the white gentleman that his every act is come round to attend marriage dinner saw. To avoid to misunderstand, white gentleman blocks Zhang Shuming to ask first: "Gentleman, who do you know? " Zhang Shuming stimulates clever: Unplug  of  of pancreas Xian Ding is thin unplug delicacy of chair oath Hong carries? " had not cheated soon, say by the side of Zhang Shuming " I am known " the edge is retreated toward the doorway. Realize incorrect interest, white gentleman cries immediately: Fly Man all Dian! The delay that close kitchen installs Zhang Shuming of grey  ? to seize the door to run, ten relatives and friends that attend marriage dinner hear call to be chased after outside.
Everybody chases police of wicked accidentally injure
"Outside transient, still they attend wedding, have 339 people, surround on I am hit. " the cut that Zhang Shuming is pointing to the blood of the move that return silt on him face says.
Happen to right now, be in opposite formal palace on the driveway detachment of perambulatory gumshoe of Shenyang city public security bureau gathers up instead Wang Lifeng of the member that the group is investigated twice and Xu Gang see condition is abnormal, drove immediately come over, "Did not hit, we are polices! " say at the same time, the member that two civilian clothes are investigated protected the Zhang Shuming that has been blood all over with the body rapidly, "Who knows you are false really. " masses people still be you one fist I one foot, do not agree to give up, the masses that also is annoyed on the body of two member that investigate bang with a bang hit a few times, went up to also hang colour immediately personally. At this moment, two member that investigate shined police officer card. Refuse to budge 78 minutes, till 110 arrive, many qualified personnel stopped to rest.
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