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33 analogies that the interest talks about relation of male and female
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1, every woman has two version: Clothbound is mixed originally paperback, former on-the-job field, social situation looks to others, wear heavy make-up, glorious takes a person; Latter looks to the person that loves most in the home, change housecoat, night clothes, complaint complaint. The clothbound of the paperback that the husband in marriage often can see a wife only and other woman this. This is one of elements of extramarital love.

2, beautiful the pass that is a woman -- an adage just, also calculate the truth of indisputable. It is sugar-coated bullet obviously, finally also not likely wins beauty to return, but it is be dead set pleases her. And although some is fine medicine obviously,those lack the woman of visual effect, because of bitter to taste, the man often cannot fall to be determined to marry her.

3, marriage is an umbrella, had it, the nature when harships burning sun is comfortable and clinking, but more flatly in light weather, much an umbrella hard to avoid is burdensome.

4, does the woman ask " do you love me? " the man answers " I like you " . Does the man ask " why don't you accept me? " the woman returns " you can be found better than me " . -- look like to use between the men and women close justice word, it is nevertheless a skin was added more outside banana, there perhaps is a needle to stop in cotton.

5, the wife is like the dress -- popular and such irregular change, the expense of the dress is high with each passing day; Good thing of man neither one -- but it is the woman's oldest buyer's market after all.

6, when loving each other, the thing that the man concerns stars of feminine assimilate to, flyer, angel with the sky etc; Favour break sentiment absolutely when, man celestial glom on to, go to has loved woman replace the ground.

7, the old couple grows to resemble more more. Because they love each other,someone says. But the doctor says, origin is a very short time gets along, dietary structure rule of identical, work and rest is synchronous. Same a leaf on the tree also be to grow to resemble more more.

8, big and single men and women resembles is to took a bus to had sat to stand. Because the seat on the bus is too comfortable,be sometimes, wish to get off scarcely; Because do not know the platform that oneself should issue,be sometimes. Lifelong Where is the men and women that does not marry? They are bus drivers!

9, go smoothly from green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse before the flowers and below the moon, it is a miracle simply. Resemble planning to go to Guangzhou on foot from Beijing at the outset, always have alluring voice all the way: "Get on a car. " very difficult another goes your foot before notting have.

10, I am very busy -- when hearing this word, what parents worries is the child is healthy; Friend heart thinks the career has this brother; The wife becomes aware a carring pole that derives from personal housework was weighed immediately; The girlfriend wept, she begins to realize her the cause that the position in his memory does not have him certainly is main, it is a signal that part company or excuse simply even.
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