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Wedding of true Han Daichuan all is consuetudinary
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5 bundles of silk that there is indicative betrothal gift on labour hand in all silks and serve as meet the Mu Yan of the ceremony. What accept ask forring passes great gift now namely, for black 纁 color silk silkses. Wild goose is very main present in Zhou Li. It is being represented have a letter, also represented fidelity, serve as normally meet ceremony, mu Yan still is being used on the wedding that shows bright people of hold office at court.

“ female second, 袡 of pure garment 纁; Stand in the room, south. Garment of night of Mu 纚Ji, in its right. Female follower finishs 袗 is black, 纚Ji, by 顈 Fu, in its after. ”

Female stem from a mother left, west father

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