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Sit the bridal sedan chair wears marriage gauze wedding additional sapid
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The bridal sedan chair stops in bridal home downstair, many people will watch the scene of bustle

“ has litter! The woman matchmaker that ” dresses up as a suit be gorgeously dressed shouts, yesterday, live in Gan Jing child in the bridal sedan chair that the bridal king crane of the community austral street well takes the Guan Ling austral the area in bridegroom Lv Zhengyong to invite, come to young husband and wife all the way in sound of gong and drum the new home of two. The tradition that long-unseen bridal sedan chair marries a bride is consuetudinary draw everybody to stop watch, lively the general self-identity that economic material benefit gets authority.

Bridegroom promotes new idea, the bridal sedan chair replaces marriage car

Bridegroom Lv politics brave this year 29 years old, it is a games master of Na Guanling elementary school, and bridal king crane this year 27 years old, it is the assistant manager of a dining-room. Two people are high school classmate, be in love to already had 10 years, was fond of knot happy match eventually yesterday. Put forward a bridal sedan chair to greet close, be the idea of bridegroom Lv Zhengyong.

So the disposition of two people compares extroversion to like romance again, think the wedding that lets oneself will nod innovation, original plan travel marries, but Lv Zhengyong checks some wedding to go up to replace marriage car with the bridal sedan chair on the net later, feel very interesting to follow Wang He to discuss. One hearing gets Wang He to also have new idea quite, the way that decides to use a convention will hold do wedding. Then, lv Zhengyong begins to search for the marriage that offers this kind of special and bridal ceremony to celebrate a company, found in the public house that runs marriage banquet in them finally two carry bridal sedan chair.

8 chair men two carry bridal sedan chair, beaming greet a bride

Yesterday morning 9 when 35 minutes, bridegroom is getting 8 chair men to carrying two carry bridal sedan chair anew the home set out. Two carry the bridal sedan chair opens system is fiery silk face, of an embroider is dragon above, of an embroider is phoenix, appear beaming. Lv Zhengyong tells a reporter, originally he thinks equestrian, can be by way of line of a mainstay, be forced then give u. Also they bring the team of yangko of large ensemble of such instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part of 46 people from community directly, uncle aunts care about what ceremony money far from, graph lively give a youth add to the fun, because this is blown,twist particularly happily solid.
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