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Our country ancient time is engaged consuetudinary
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" 5 ceremonies are connected one's deceased father " ever said, after neat since, no matter the emperor thes common people, bridal “ says accept is collected, 2 say to the name, 3 say accept auspicious, 4 say accept ask forring, 5 say please period, 6 say to be greeted in person. ”
This is 6 level that archaic wedding divides, common calls “ 6 ceremonies ” . Cent narrates as follows:
One, accept collects: This is to discuss the first level of marriage, after the man asks intermediary to talk about a marriage, the woman agrees to discuss marriage, man equipment ceremony goes the bride's side proposes, the gift is wild goose, wild goose is uniform those who want work. Why to use wild goose? Wild goose is migrant, take indicative suitable the meaning of yin and yang, developed new idea again later, say wild goose loses a spouse, all one's life no longer geminate, take its allegiance.

2, ask a name: Be after proposing, hold go-between in the palm excuse me day of woman birth date is mixed full name, preparation adds up to the ceremony of marriage. 
3, accept auspicious: It is a gift gift that asks the augur after the name adds up to the good news of marriage to notify the woman again. Call “ to order alliance ” again. This is to be engaged the main present gift of level. Gu Su, as usual should use wild goose, regard marriage as the keepsake that already decided. Develop to use joss sticks and candles of cake of ring, headgear, colored silk, ceremony, ceremony after, even ovine pig, friend says to send again decide or hire surely.
4, accept ask forring: It is to order alliance hind, the bridegroom's or husband's family sends betrothal gift toward the bride's side, it is to get married the gift gift of level. Common says to hire or this is hired greatly again into wedding, Guo Dali. Later, this ceremony still took the way of recompense, a the food in betrothal gift or return entirely; Or suffer after hiring, the garment cap footgear that gives the man the wife's family serves as recompense. The how many the name of an article reaching content of betrothal gift says to take the implication of good fortune as one wishes more, amount takes double avoid sheet.
5, please period: After sending betrothal gift, choice marriage date, equipment ceremony arrives the bride's side, sign the ceremony when must agreeing. Ancient custom as usual uses wild goose, gift conforms to the principle of simplicity commonly, ask period ceremony to often had been mixed betrothal gift union rises, decide wedding day at the same time along with Guo Dali.
6, greet in person: It is new husband greet the ceremony that get together toward the bride's side in person. This gift gift often by the main program of regard as wedding, and before 5 regard as discuss marriage, be engaged etc transitional formal. These have the need that stems from gregarious relation partly in the form, the “ that is like the bride's side is added makeup ” , leave to the “ when the bridegroom's or husband's family bow with hands clasped to ” , “ to be troubled by bridal chamber ” to wait, it is the gift gift of establish human relations in society. Pure belong to the ceremony that receives a share in person, general
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