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On Spanish bride wedding by check maiden cause numerous anger
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According to England " daily telecommunications " 28 days of reports, go up when the wedding of red star Mengtuoya in Spain, the face that the bride is asked to become a thousands of person unexpectedly, identify whether be maiden body.

According to the report, spain of 23 years old stars when red singing and dancing moustache installs · this year Manuel · nots Mengtuoya married Na Deci · last weekend the bride of beauty Luosaliao · .
Bridal that day, the tradition that bridegroom asks the bride is surpassed according to jeep unexpectedly accepts “ handkerchief to check ” , whether be in order to identify her maiden. Press the habit of Gypsy so, what distill after Hymen burst appears on white handkerchief is ensanguined become “ 3 roses ” , so bridal ability holds wedding.

In the public eye, all over the face aglow bride is pulled a secret house, accepted “ handkerchief to check ” . When “ was caught on bridal handkerchief after 4 roses ” , bridegroom and domestic talent began bridal ceremony.

Spain is all and main the TV station broadcasted this lively and extraordinary royal wedding, however, they unexpectedly catch the handkerchief that has the hematic ” with bridal maiden “ to be revealed to countrywide audience.

After this, organization of Spanish women's right and partial media are very indignant, appeal should from jural prohibit of spirit of woman of this kind of affront and dignity abusive. Zhou Hui is compiled

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