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Napoleon and Josephine
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Napoleon was born in French division Xi Jia on August 15, 1769. 9 years old enter military school of li of favour king home to read. At the beginning of 1796, because young Napoleon attended to smash royalist revolting, there is name quite in Paris. At this moment, a woman proposes to him, her name calls Josephine.

Josephine is bigger than Napoleon 6 years old, at that time is a widow that has two children. She listens to a friend to tell the deed that has Napoleon, very admire, want to meet this officer of young promising very much. But he himself bad and presuming head for, the introduction that ask a person is improper also, then she recalled a way.

Of the mother of son comply with that makes an appointment with fragrance of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument 12 years old bade, come to the place that Napoleon stays in, bub requests the admire sword of father of Napoleon give back, his father is the general of a republic party that in horrible period Er be shelteringed by Luo Baisi puts to death. Napoleon allow granted the child's request, that child is tearful receive Guo Peijian and kissed this hangover. The following day, come to his express one's thanks to before Josephine, and pour the affection of oneself love. His fine-looking moved deeply with openness he. Napoleon believes, with this young widow is united in wedlock to have major concern to his happiness; Realizing lofty ideal to him will be strong support. Know only 3 months, they held wedding. After newly-married two days, front of Napoleon return Italy, the French army with direct lack training, very poor weapon defeated powerful Austrian army, power shake complete Europe, the name travels the world.

Josephine charming is soft, pure, kind-hearted, so deep that Napoleon loves. He writes in her letter: I receive your incoming letter, you blame me to missay in the letter it seems that. The thing is such, I most those who be fed up with is female Jesuit. I see the mercy that get be used to, cultured, tender woman, I love them. If say their pamper I, that is not my fault, however your. Nevertheless you can see me already keep measures with a respectable female of reasonable. When I obtain the letter that her husband sells me to her to look, she cries, with extremely distressed sadness and honest snout cry: “ the handwriting that this is him really! ” this is quite much, moved my heart, I say: “ is good madam, send the letter in fire, I can be aimed at your husband without evidence. ” her burn-up correspondence, turn Bei is happy event. Her husband got rescued now, if late two hours,

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