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Bridegroom marriage banquet blocks wine true classics 10 action
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Wedding breakfast blocks wine, interpreting wine subtle move is one of course before every bridegroom must want control marriage, if want to have strong feeling the night at the beginning of the romance of charming and gentle, allow bridegroom perusal to just can maintain groove with next law please:   
The first. The division blocking wine that searchs to be good at deal with (the) that accompany man;   
The 2nd. Arrangement deputy “ blocks wine hand ” , block wine group;   
The 3rd. Avoid absolutely hollow drink;   
The 4th. Do not believe coffee, tea can see alcoholic drink, their effect is maximum can sober up;   
The 5th. Do not depend on the medicaments that see alcoholic drink, best carry sees alcoholic drink with natural food;   
The 6th. In wanting to join soda water or mineral mix into alcoholic drink with diluent alcohol chroma, such doing can make the problem is just the opposite to what one wished instead;   
The 7th. See alcoholic drink one law: The food of oiliness fat eats more before drinking, wait like fat, pork leg, milk, pineapple, guava; See alcoholic drink 2 laws: Drinkable soup-stock, you Yiluo predicts soup of fish of filar bake in a pan to be able to produce the effect that see alcoholic drink most. Two laws are applied together, the effect is much better;   
The 8th. When drinking, eat cheese, egg, meat more kind wait for protein food, the volatilization of conduce alcohol;