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Quite male narcissism is become mad marry with oneself the expert calls his aber
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Quite male narcissism is become mad marry with oneself the expert calls his aberration

Quite male wedding and him photograph do obeisance to heaven and earth: Bridegroom and accept as a souvenir of group photo of “ bride ” .

More than 100 people come congratulate, bridegroom emphasizes him is not a homosexual, it is normal that the expert calls his psychological deviate

Dispatch of new wall bulletin (is reporter Yang Dai clear) had you seen the wedding that holds with oneself? Yesterday is New Year the first day, female outfit illuminates a middleaged man and his cheongsam in GuangzhouClick examine Guangzhou and more city weather forecastVillage of Guan Zhou of island of Guan Zhou of sea bead area, held additional kind of bridal ——— and oneself do obeisance to heaven and earth.

The spot

Bridegroom holds a photograph in the arms to propose a toast

13 when make 40 minutes, the reporter hurries to the spot, surround on this village square full the villager that watch the scene of bustle and the guest that come round to attend wedding. The photograph of bubble of true person size that wears the bridegroom of maize business suit and him to wear gules cheongsam is the focus inside field.

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