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The interest talks: Grand sight of love of each country youth
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From “ cruel ” love dates to lightning, from “ lone noble ” arrives marry mad tide, marriage love this extend ancient changeless topic is alive of kid of bound each district deduce under become much all the more appearance is colorful.

The society is in transitional, people is right love, Marriagethe manner also is in producing change sadly, marriage love appearing with new form and attitude before us.

German “ is new new mankind ” is lone banzai

Be in the Germany nowadays, the “ that pursues lone banzai is new new mankind ” is increasing. Although their age has not calculated young, the person that still can have 30 years old of many above rejects to marry. Every arrive on the weekend, the discotheque of German each district, bar is scene of debauchery, personnel explodes full, incomputable single men and women gets together to the top of one's bent cheesy, make a of urbanism special view.

Huo Kesi is a sociologist that studies prospective way of life technically, the person that he thinks these are lone does not marry is not to be equal to do not want to marry. They have fixed friend group, also be met and kin people constant come-and-go. Nevertheless, the aristocratic temperament of lone noble is in Germany to compromise at incorrect life.

Show according to a recent investigation, determined and celibate after all crowd, its are honest all Germany are occupied only in lone noble 5% . Investigate orgnaization general person of this one subgroup is qualitative for narcissism and the senile man that organizes a family without ability and other. Nevertheless, a burgeoning female celibate group is joining this, they are 30 years old come 35 years old betweenWhite-collarFemale, on feeling once frustrated or get married abortive. Lady of this one part, will believe love and marriage finally no longer, want to do a free person that can deep and clear to be aspersed chicly only.