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Save the doohickey of marriage gauze
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Marriage gauze is redemptive, after wedding, want to hide it attentively in one's store of valuables, save all one's life. Nevertheless, if the small cleaner's of street of your easily its resign to, may regret all one's life----Because of marriage gauze maintain very as different as other and precious clothings. But should master a few small doohickey only, it is not him cleanness, difficult to save marriage gauze.

Can ask when buy, this marriage gauze is what material, accessary small bead, small shine piece what is paid attention to, usually, merchant can know word of all without exception, speak all.
Wash marriage gauze, wet washing is crucial, because of the small ornament on marriage gauze, for instance a string of beads acts the role of an edge, be the chemical material via removing dry-clean erode, best method is gauze puts a marriage to mix in the water that has gentle, neuter cleaner, immerse a little while, this can clean the red wine on feast, lard to wait stay besmirch, much bubble a little while, be like even invisible besmirch sweat be soiled, liquor be soiled also can eliminate.

After abluent, air appeared marriage gauze, can collect rose, should deposit in shady and cool and dry place, for instance a built-in wardrobe or cupboard even below the bed, remember, do not hang marriage gauze, because, old with the passing of time, have so little the marriage gauze of deal can arise hang down force, spin skirt body tear off even.

Still two small issues cannot not carry: It is before collecting marriage gauze, must wash his hands, must not stick on cosmetic, otherwise time grows, there can be small Huang Ban on marriage gauze; Still have, inside marriage gauze greatly skirt band can be turned round rise collect, but annual when ted clothings, want skirt band restorable, it loses lest stretch.

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