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Make 9 jobs that the attention wants before accurate father and means of settlem
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Fund fund ground says the hand deep feeling that calling the husband Crick that go all out to pulling Ling clean suddenly one day for the career all the time: “ dear, should we want a little baby? ” that momently, sunshine is really for long already to looking forward to BABY Ling clean it is so bright, the life is so good …… should know to undertaking pregnant thing had better not pass at this moment! But Crick is he ready really?

  That sex appeal tightens —— of the 1st embarrassed thing the briefs that stretch tight     

” of “ Valentine's Day, crick received a sweet gift of Ling clean, that is a very beautiful tight briefs, will strong, strong and handsome body draws the outline of attractive arc.

   The problem that causes possibly: Spermary produces spermatozoon difficulty

Spermatozoon is very fragile, the temperature that normally located place needs to compare other body position slightly low 1 ℃ , long-term dress tights will affect the temperature condition of scrotal place, create the obstacle of thermoregulation, form taller temperature environment, restrain spermary to generate the capacity of spermatozoon thereby, affect male fecundity further.

   Settle way: Should choose comfortable, permeability the briefs of qualitative health of good, material.

   —— of the 2nd thing the day of those tasteful Ti Tang

The Crick after marriage is a faithfulness, nice good man absolutely, before marrying nevertheless he brilliant and cheesy once also did not control himself, had wasted a paragraph of absurd years.

   The problem that causes possibly: Kidney essence is insufficient

If sexual life is excessive, perhaps have too much gender partner, of natural meeting occurrence physiology and mentally a series of

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