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The money that dear allows us also marries (graph)
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“ dear, let us marry! ” pulls hand lifetime, marriage besides the confirm that is love, or two independent economy incorporate individually. Look from idea of conduct financial transactions, marriage is absolutely one most economic behavior, pass combination, the expenditure after marriage will spend the sum lonely under two far, that is to say the result of 1 is less than 1 + 2. The plainest truth calculates calculate living cost. If the young couple before marriage, it is rent a house and reside, after that marriage at least leave out the chummage of one person, 1000 yuan always should be some. And live below an eave together, the phone needs to hand in to sit only opportunity cost, water, report, gas need to pay a fee only, suitable method goes to work dozen a car is sufficient, also need not take a taxi again send a girlfriend to come home, oneself come a double Cheng. Marriage this issue is told to conduct financial transactions, mean expenditure to decrease, fortune increases, so “ dear, the money that allows us also marries! ”

Marry belongings is notarial cannot little

About the with marriage hind belongings notarization before marriage, a lot of newlywed hold to this hold with a manner: The divorce that there is 70% on “ world and economy are concerned. Can stay together all one's life it is admittedly good to live to old age in conjugal bliss, but if have marriage change, unaware, even like a drowned mouse, actually, the rationalize of gain and loss the both sides after marriage just is give marriage this Zhang against a rainy day! ”

“ holds your hand, grow old with you ” is not a simple acceptance.

LILY and male friend are about to marry. Hold to “ not to have valence treasure easily, have the principle of beau ” inaccessibly, LILY chose penniless male friend, LILY has a house. LILY raised the requirement of 50 thousand money to male friendly home, but his mother agrees to take 20 thousand money only. Then the mom of LILY says to her: “ then you go to your house doing before marriage belongings is notarial. ”LILY said this matter with male friend, he unexpectedly special life. Be different from to his view through this thing LILY once upon a time, she realises soberly: It is test of notarization of the belongings before marriage true love.

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