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Little detail handles relation of good husband and wife
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If you resemble us same, you two each days when be together regard as timing look upon, you can cherish your feeling.

I and wife love to read a book, ask for a favor is knowledge. Still went up in table in the morning that day, she and I went up with respect to “ deliberate ” . She says Han theatrical work is nice, below the tear that urge a person. I do not say good-looking, sentimental. She says, you do not have artistic cell. I say, you do not know classical why content. She says, your have grandiose aims but puny abilities. I say, you are content with superficial. Saying, begin to was far from original topic to censure each other. I said each her defect after marriage and inadequacy, her enumerate come a few years a variety of my mistakes and crime. My cite the classics, she talks with the fact. The voice is then bigger and bigger, war more and more upgrade, when cannot rising again, I put on appearance, go off in a huff.

Then, we two began N again second ” of “ civil war. Have a meal, go up severally restaurant. Sleep, one person enters one room. In dinner and this period of time before sleeping, also do not watch TV, close oneself in respective house to see light reading however. Those who know is us two fought, do not know still think we two assiduously studying assiduously, should become academician.

This flavor, it is really at odds. Believe you also had had similar experience certainly: Leave, do not want to leave again, hide, still do not hide really. Do not want to see the face with cloudy the other side, do not look to still be no good. Fall in an eave together, so relatively the move is strong. Who doesn't respond. If who says a soft word first, who doesn't have dignity. Be no good, carrying, cannot surrender first.

The following day by day, saw our neighbor old king, he sees my one forehead lawsuit, ask me how, I tell him. He is breathed out ah laugh say, we must learn to family Shanghai person. You see family Shanghai male much better, those who carry height on the head is paradigmatic husband. Wife comes home, take slipper to wife rapidly, make tea, hold a shoulder, beat a back. The family lets wife watch TV, oneself wear apron cook, brush a bowl, pull the ground, work that washs the dress to be wrapped completely. If wife got angry, return ground of liver of a heart of a caution, can small liver, little little darling to fool wife happy. You? Did difference become far? Can be no good so. After I listen, glare he is one, say, they are them, I am me. I am Beijing man, beijing man is there henpecked? Old Wang Ting is over, took the white of the eye to turn over me, went.

This day night

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