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The easiest cracked 8 kinds of marriage
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Marriage love an expert to point out, the following the marriage of 8 kinds of types is very easy burst:

Gram of ☆ Luoman the base of a fruit marital ☆
Pursue the love life that Luo Mandi captures, have exorbitant demand to matrimony, the sweetness of expectation newly-married and harmony maintain forever go down, love much appearance is colorful, enthusiastic must abiding do not decline. This kind of not real hope, once in actual life cannot get implementation, double convenient meeting produces attrition to conflict, can cause serious marital problem.
☆ depends on parents overly model marital ☆
Depend on parental couple too overly, appear when matrimony when any problems, either discuss how to be dealt with with the spouse assume, seek to oneself parents respectively however assist or indicate. The couple that has married should be clear, their in the future connect together with the spouse, want to regard the other side as the the most dependable, closest person. Otherwise, this kind of marriage can seek ” of outside force interpose because of “ commonly and cause failure.
☆ perfect marriage ☆
Ask to everything perfect, connubial both sides asks the spouse reachs his top level compulsively. Because the requirement is exorbitant,such marriage is met and appear needless friction, as time passes, it is good marriage the relation also can be maintained not easily.
☆ “ economical ” is excessive model marital ☆
Although domestic economy condition is at present opulent, always also fear good view is seldom in, beyond the mark and economical, not allow to make a spouse have more recreation or be enjoyed on the life, stripped even the need of a few basic lives of oneself and family and fun, assume worry too much from mentally and do not know the affection with the spouse to live.
Hypochondriasis of ☆ much anxious marital ☆
This kind of circumstance happens on female body more commonly, they suspect they fall ill constantly, complain oneself sigh oneself, its are actual be

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