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"The belongings after marriage is notarial " be born sadly
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The belongings before the marriage that before a few years Ceng Huo explodes is notarial, basically disappear from the scene nowadays. Because " marriage law " specific after editing two years ago provision, the belongings before marriage of both sides of husband and wife puts in his 's charge from beginning to end respective and all. Such, notarization of the belongings before marriage had not been necessary to exist. And ” of notarization of the belongings after marriage of a kind of new notarial project ——“ is born sadly. Because " marriage law " regulation, during husband and wife can put add with respect to marital relation, the belongings agreement of earning is collective and respective and all, all or the part is respective the part is collective and all, all. Shanghai notarization is in heretofore to already was accepted many cases, those who handle card is basic it is the person that remarry.

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