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Olympic Games year marry so that spend how many money
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Wine water rises in price, marriage car rises in price, marriage banquet rises in price ……“ Olympic Games year ” marriage can not allow really easy, not only marriage celebrate banquet of company, marriage to book should queue up, and draw out “ pocket ” more even. How many money should new personality marriage spend this year? It seems that everybody says to not be clear about, according to each district custom and family circumstances of new personality both sides different, marry cost also differs somewhat. Recently, the reporter undertook interviewing to this.

Olympic Games year new personality is being contended for marry

Before “ photograph is compared a few years, the new personality that marries this year is distinct grow in quantity! ”3 month 13 days morning, miss Zhang of center of originality of wedding of Qingdao heart language says, the Spring Festival just passed, this company receives what prepare the youth that enters marital hall not less to make an appointment phone. “ whenever Saturday, weekday is essential busy come nevertheless, the staff member also often cannot rest midday! Miss ” Miss Zhang says, the marriage that at present this company contracts to do a job celebrated concoctive business to had been discharged in April the first ten days of a month, “ photograph is compared last year, come this year ‘ makes an appointment marry the new personality of ’ turned over one times! ”

Lucky Qi auspicious marriage celebrates manager of king of company of formal and finite liability to say, today marriage celebrate book circumstance and compared last year, amplitude is in 20% above. Overall will tell, marriage celebrate book a circumstance to appear by right “ of towards the left is outspread May the trend of ” . Compare with photograph of in former years, the marriage March is celebrated compare concentration, “ basically every Saturday, weekday can have bridal celebration. Enter since March, we had undertaken 7 wedding. And in April, in June, in September, appeared to book a height in October, the platoon arrives now after October ” .

Beautiful marriage celebrates reporter Cong Shengma the marriage such as company of company of company, circumference marriage Qing Liyi, Qing Liyi of happy match marriage celebrates a company to understand, the marriage this year celebrates professional work also is one is valued. “ last year March, the company is offerred on average for two pairs of new personality everyday marriage celebrate a service, but from Feburary the last ten-day of a month begins to be about on average to be offerred for 3 pairs of new personality everyday this year marriage celebrate a service, much when achieve 4 pairs of ” even, happy match marriage celebrates the tubal young lady of formal limited company to say, the marriage this year is celebrated book number and photograph comparing grew one last year times, in May, June, in August, in September,
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