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Check of our country marriage 4 link
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Marrying is the other side of a kind of him love, love and gift of legal responsibility reflect pattern for a long time, and to dispute of the check-up before marrier marriage constant
Important, the inspection that accepts hospital science is very necessary, can understand each other healthy situation. The early discovery that also is helpful for a disease, diagnose,
Cure. Facilitate through coaching before the doctor's marriage at the same time have accurate knowledge with contraceptive birth control to sex hygiene, the happiness of stimulative family of in proper order, perfect!
The check-up before marriage should pass the following 4 link:

The check-up before the first marriage asks to reach time
(Of 1) check-up bilateral that day must hollow
(2) can come in Zhou Yi Zhou Wu goes to a hospital

The certificate that place of check of the 2nd marriage uses
(1) this city registered permanent residence this or Id
(2) both sides takes 3 Zhang Yicun pictures severally (color is black and white all but)

A few programs of the medical before the 3rd marriage
(1) inquires individual and familial anamnesis
(2) measures weight, height, blood pressure, pulse
(Of 3) vision differentiate ability
(4) examination thyroid gland, bosom, reach abdomen
(The examination of 5) reproduction organ
(6) that day or morrow arrives afternoon appoint area to listen to class of the health care before marriage

The 4th result that get
The check-up before marriage must reach normal hospital, do not be afraid of a trouble!

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