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Guangzhou removed whole town to carry out free marriage check on April 1
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Guangzhou of Xinhua News Agency on March 30 special telegram (reporter Yang Xia) bureau of family planning of Guangzhou city population and Guangzhou city health bureau announce 29 days, execute examination of the medicine before freewill and free marriage formally in the round since April 1, become the throughout the country first buy the service, provincial capital town that carries out free marriage check to whole town by the government.
The policy of check of this free marriage of Guangzhou city sets, the men and women should have one party to have Guangzhou city census register only, ” of “ accurate newlywed can reach marriage to register 1 in before marrying 3 months inside the month, arrive of one's own accord the village of census register seat appoint, check of free marriage of the “ of town community service center that get registers calorie of ” , 16 medical establishment that appoint to whole town undertake checking.
According to estimation, guangzhou city makes an appointment with many pairs of 80 thousand men and womens every year to register marry, the government will plan a budget many yuan 3700, each 170 yuan marriage check charge will bury odd ” by governmental “ entirely. Marriage check charge by Guangzhou city, area two class finance partakes by 37 scale.
Marriage check basically emphasizes particularly on to allow newlywed ” to whether suffer from hereditary disease, contagion and mental disease to wait to “ undertake professional medical examination. In project of 12 free examinations, include Mediterranean anaemic sieve to check, horsebean disease sieve is checked wait for hereditary disease, and the sex such as syphilis, gonococcus, AIDS is pestiferous with a few medical.
Marriage check is to prevent new student baby to be born the first col of blemish. Xie Hong of deputy director general of bureau of family planning of Guangzhou city population says newly, on October 1, 2003, our country is new " marriage registers byelaw " cancelled mandatory marriage check, guangzhou city was as high as the marriage check rate of 97 % to appear to drop point-blank in the past, fell even 2006 7. 31 % . Introduce according to Guangzhou city health bureau, guangzhou city has 1100 every year be born the baby of blemish is born, mediterranean anaemia is the local hereditary disease that Guangzhou area sends high, annual the gross of little patient of anaemia of serious illness mediterranean that Guangzhou is born amounts to 200.
“ produces sanitarian service through the health care before normative and efficient marriage serves and be being surrounded, can make Guangzhou decreases every year quite quantitative birth blemish baby and 200 or so birth that spend ground deficient little patient again. ” Xie Hong says newly, area of Guangzhou city yellow Bu rose on September 1, 2005 take the lead in carrying out free marriage check, a year half since, marriage check is led from 7 before. 76 % already promoted 50 % above, in marriage check
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