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In the light of gentleman thing gate of a lane and at present about marriage celebrate a company complain a circumstance, to avoid the happening of dispute, haidian area disappear assist clew, search marriage celebrate a company to must have signed written agreement:

1, car problem. When consumer and marriage celebrate a company to want to explain the model of car, color, amount, car malfunctions beforehand remedy the detail problem such as measure, all conditions had better be made clear in the contract, some does not hope to use nonlocal name also want to come out now in the body in the contract, the consumer when producing issue had certify to stuff.

2, compere problem. Consumer must with marriage celebrate a company to be made clear in the contract that day the full name of compere, if compere has,change, consumer can put forward marriage celebrate a company to should shift to an earlier date how many days to inform hand-in-hand travel chooses afresh, till customer satisfaction till.

3, collect fees problem. Consumer wants commonly to marriage celebrate a company to shift to an earlier date consign deposit, and the rest part ought to have agreed the specific time that pay. Before paying total money, must read each article in the contract carefully, the problem that mentions in front also had better try to make clear in the contract, have doubtful point should put forward in time and both sides talks things over, wait for after reaching consensus, sign again make a money. And had better agree the rate of every service, be like: Chair, car, absorb the cost that resembles waiting for individual event, if be in occurrence problem of a certain link, consumer seek redress also has certain basis.

4, other issue. The sudden incident that consumer should exist possibly that day to marrying considers to help somebody attain his aim, best with marriage celebrate a company to try to make clear in the contract. For instance, every link is in probably which time paragraph, encounter pluvial snow weather how to should be handled; Still have the case that resembles couple of gentleman thing gate of a lane, in give the case that the complement in thing preexistence contract answering when cameraman negative CD shows to marriage gauze illuminates negative CD, the liability to pay compensation after if happen to lose or damage,setting.

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