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Of example of impayable marriage the Confucian or feudal ethical code
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4.Must not forget to invite some of kin friend more
Occasionally because ground is too little, because the place is bad,arrange occasionally, you will be indecisive to guest list, did not invite partial guest finally.
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When affirmatory wedding invites list, I do not know the father's sister that how can nag me then really, still have me the friend like those bedlamite arranges husband together, did not invite his all friend so, but he hopes very much his friend can attendant, right later this matter him all the time ocean is 34 Yu Huaiyang be troubled years old
What we do not want to do wedding is very grandiose, asked both sides only the parent attends wedding with a few kin, so a lot of classmates fail to attend my wedding, they blame after the event to did not see my look when the bride. Chen Nan is 29 years old
Settlement path Chinese is very exquisite and lively reunion, in marry the day of great rejoicing, should invite as far as possible so kin friend, at the same time 6 regrets. Although everybody's hobby and disposition are not same, close scanty far and near also has difference, but they play bridal end is testimony romance hour, enjoy sweet feeling, bring good blessing to you, still be so as far as possible the wedding that invites many somes of friend to attend you! Of example of impayable marriage the Confucian or feudal ethical code

5.Must not choose uncomfortable dress
White marriage gauze, decorous formal attire, the makeup face of pure and fresh nature on collocation, make brides such glorious seeks a person, extraordinary. Who can think of these beautiful dress also can let a bride have bitter taste? 100% quantities order the marriage gauze ceremonial robe or dress that make personally, can offer the businessman that integral modelling designs, it is your first-rate choice.
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To take a picture, I chose to pull the marriage gauze with very long end. When I am on red carpet, floret child walks above trip of my within an inch of, and when dancing very no-go, if I start over anew

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