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How to choose appropriate bridegroom formal attire
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1.Collar: The labour kind that the suit gets because of the individual's hobby different. Among them V-neck of water chestnut He Jian with custom elegance be good at, amice labour appears luxurious and grand. Width is 8-10 centimeter common water chestnut refute is gotten can make most man appears bosom is broad. 669 time refute gets width to ever became very big, certain on become warped type refute is gotten touch almost humeral ministry. But the last few years comes refute gets width to change gradually again narrow. In the meantime, business circles personage talks about business ” in “ when, unfavorable cross minute of wide refute to get, because this meeting gives a person not quite grave sense. Also somebody likes a bit narrow refute to get, think this meeting makes the person appears tall and decorous.
General and fat man refute is gotten might as well some narrower; Contrary, cut poor person its refute is gotten but slightly some wider, such, can make bosom appears some fuller. Next, face longer person, should put on get shorter jacket, because go up,get the department that be apart from a face recently, so, longer face is gotten to appear longer on, moonfaced man, longer model is gotten on optional choose.   
2.Shoulder: The basic design of suit shoulder ministry basically has 4 kinds. It is natural shoulder model, namely humeral ministry is not exaggerative not quite with shoulder pad, shoulder close relatively shoot. 2 it is to hang down shoulder, whole shoulder ministry is shown slightly fruity, shoulder prolapse, wear rise very easy, jacket of type of common United States uses this kind of shoulder model more. 3 it is square shoulder, humeral head go up a little become warped, suit the person dress that hunch very much, can the feature of shoulder blade of alarm of alleviation, desalt, give a person a kind of downy impression. 4 it is sunken shoulder, become warped on humeral head, the person dress that cuts a shoulder is very appropriate, the business suit of European style uses this kind of shoulder more model.   
3.Pocket: Patch pocket has color of a kind of informal clothes, formaller suit should use the bag that set a line. Bag lid has the tendency that makes hip joint place appears wide, to too brawny person, should apply what do not take bag of top to embed line bag.
4.Rear: The adornment with suit exclusive and authentic the reverse side is equestrian vent in the sides of a garment or edge vent in the sides of a garment. The suit of European type uses equestrian vent in the sides of a garment commonly, this can add fine to grow elegant feeling. Edge vent in the sides of a garment suits to like both hands to be inserted in the person in pants bag particularly. The person with too wide hip wears the suit of edge vent in the sides of a garment to be able to improve visual result,
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