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Accurate new personality wants careful marriage to celebrate consumption " sweet
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New year's day, Spring Festival is to marry fastigium, industrial and commercial bureau reminds the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region “ allows careful marriage of new personality ” to celebrate the “ sweetness in consumption trap ” , avoid happy event to buy concern.

Trap one: Gauze of 100 yuan of marriage sells give 1000 yuan of values

The consumptive psychology “ that at present a few businessmen use new personality be willing to part with or use to spend money is expert in making money ” , the sheet that bridal things brand shop sells covers marriage gauze price to be in 800 yuan about - 2000 yuan, thousands of yuan some amounting to, store of marriage gauze photography is rental gauze of an old marriage also make a price 200 yuan. In fact, major cost is not worth these marriage gauze 100 yuan, the retail prices of a few wholesale stores is in 200 yuan about - 400 yuan between.

Trap 2: Publicize revulsive and actual spending phonily

An according to the set price that store of a lot of marriage gauze photography include 229 pieces of pictures still can be accepted by new personality, when filming actually however, cameraman often can pat 100 pieces - 200 pieces, if consumer needs 20 yuan to choose a photograph to be about to use every pieces more - 30 yuan high price is bought, and choosing a short while to guide buy meeting have a glib tongue, the photograph that speaks highly of new personality how beautiful do not buy can leave lifelong regret to wait, let new personality cannot refuse, bring about final consumption amount to exceed far at the outset propagandist price.

Trap 3: Free agreement is masked collect fees the truth

A lot of marriage celebrate service company or metropolis acceptance “ gives store of marriage gauze photography bridal makeup ”“ offers marriage gauze ”“ freely to offer wedding freely to photograph wait like ” , wait however when marrying to was badly in need of a service that day, the businessman increases “ to make up ”“ wedding photographs in advance overtime to expend ”“ video tape to expend the charge such as ” like traffic, new personality general affairs is busy plus the mood pretty good, it is darling for the most part take out red package, ate the free and unavoidable, “ that returns twice to raise cost big deficient ” .

Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry suggests, marriage when celebrating consumption, answer to be clear about consumptive item with agreement of businessman in advance

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