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The new generation of wedding invitations message wedding fashion
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If you want to get married, in what way will invite friends and family to attend the wedding? The first reaction is certainly festive red wedding invitations. In the majority of people are concerned, this is a also a respect for tradition. Recently, however, a number of couples married in the city, no longer rigidly stick to traditional wedding invitations, start using simple SMS invitation. "At 11:30 on December 25, × × and × × × × hotel in the wedding, invite you for coming." A few days ago, Mr. Wang received such a message, the sender is his friend. Although the marriage did not receive invitations, but Mr. Wang that does not matter, "notice on the line." Will be married next January Ma, these days one after another through QQ, mail and phone friends and family to nearly 300 invitations to send a text message. She said, "inspiration" from the earlier they receive a text message invitations, I feel very convenient, and her fiance decided to discuss models to copy. "The traditional wedding invitations should not only buy hand-written, but also to send out, expensive, cumbersome, time consuming, and sometimes people do not know the address to receive too much trouble. Now I had finished my text message invitations, through QQ, bulk mail and mobile phones out , less than half an hour to get out. "Ma said. But she also said that the elders and leaders, the invitation, he will opt for traditional wedding invitations, to show respect.
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