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Studio staff resignation of 2,400 yuan "training fee" detained
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Little real chief reporter Yu Guihua reports: Yesterday, Ms. Jiang from Anhui newspaper complained, Nanchang Luo Manting bride wedding photo studio deduction of 2,400 yuan of her so-called "training fee." In fact, she did not receive any training, can be the studio head is not refund. According to Miss Jiang introduced her at the September 1, 2009 in Nanchang, No. 422 Zhongshan Road, Luo Manting bride wedding photo studio to do make-up artist, the basic salary is 1,100 yuan, bonus and commission another operator. Company Manager Liu told her the company charged her 300 dollars a month as a deposit until the deduction of 2,400 yuan so far. If the employee is not in the studio for future work, the company will be refunded. After month, Miss Jiang will receive a 300 yuan detained "training fee" receipt. The end of October this year, the Miss Jiang for the formal separation procedures, the company agreed to pay their respect only 1,100 yuan in wages. As for the rest of 2400 dollars, the responsible person, because training costs, it must be deducted. Miss Jiang told reporters that her studio more than a year, has not received any training. Yesterday, the Manager Liu told reporters on training costs, is actually a deposit, because the company provides equipment and more expensive. Finally, after a press coordination, Manager Liu promised this week to 2,400 yuan paid to Miss Jiang.
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