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Marriage to attract outside Ethnic Guizhou Province
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Libo is not only beautiful natural scenery, and its ethnic minorities accounted for 92% of the outside world, there are many customs and refreshing. March 6, the Central Television, "Local" section to find yourself for a Libo Yao the past 10 days Aquarium Wedding Shooting, is designed to CCTV "local" cultural part of the broadcast, so that a more comprehensive understanding of the outside world heritage Libo. CCTV Channel Seven "local" column is a well-known CCTV cultural section of charge, many local ethnic customs through the columns of the publicity it received very good tourist effect. The multi-crew understanding of the unique Libo Yao and Aquarium "mysterious" Marriage is very interested, so the declaration of Taiwan, where agreed, to Libo, nearly 10 days for a wedding shoot the two nations, each nation about 30 minutes, is expected to broadcast in April, with hundreds of millions of viewers.
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