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Wedding planning network engineer career change
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Wedding cake market has attracted many people's eyes, because it involves many industries, such as: wedding photography, wedding supplies, wedding hotel, candy and more. Even the network engineers are tempted to switch Wedding Planning, running the wedding company. Relying on your own creativity, his business flourishing. Able to get the minimum 3,000 The river near the foot of the mountain, more than twenty-bit Mix (who like to travel) have put up tents Shi Yuzuo, with balloons and flowers in the bridal chamber put up a tent outside the arch. Groom holding a rose, accompanied by the ALICE "search To find "the bride, when the groom found from the possession of dozens of tents in which the bride, the" Wedding March "began to rise ... ... This is a couple's wedding, and wedding planner is Heling Tao. Planning the wedding , Dezhi the bride and groom are experienced backpackers they take part in a mountaineering activities in the acquaintance of experiences, Heling Tao activities in accordance with the characteristics of ALICE, has prepared this special wedding, including site layout He Traffic Sisu Including all the new spending less than 3,000 yuan. "For each of the new features of the identity of the self-tailored, less money but is very creative, this is our wedding planning features." Heling Tao said, now 80 couples who are mainly after generation, he They pay more attention to their feelings, hopes different, to consider the economic conditions, they just set up the family hope to save money. Wedding in his own studio, "Octavia Ruili", the personalized wedding generally takes only a five or six thousand dollars, the lowest you can get 3,000 yuan. For the couple to field brainstorming Individual needs creativity, not the source of creative ideas are the Luanxiang. He Lingtao told reporters that each couple has their own love story, the story is their main source of creativity. Different from the usual wedding companies, each of the new door, He Lingtao not flashed all kinds of wedding set of system price, and always recommend new open your heart, such as friends like to talk to him, this process he has to collect the couple Occupational characteristics, hobbies, love story, the idea of economic status and family information such as the basis for planning the wedding. In addition, he also called for new people to a "brainstorming", everything dare, you can put any bizarre wedding idea, as feasible, then to the planning consideration. "The last time a couple in Hawaii Met the sea, back to Chongqing, the whim to engage in indoor beach wedding, we just paved the channel sand brought in new people also put aside wedding dress, wearing Hawaiian-style shirt and clip toe Huaqun and match drags on , waves Man and leisure. " In addition, to help new people to spend money wisely, large wedding car rental, small wedding with flowers, they send someone to the major markets are carefully selected in order to buy the most affordable materials to save costs. Free "one-stop" service Shoot wedding photos, booking of hotel, rental wedding car, buy the wedding dress ... ... Although just a ceremony, but just a few hours to the preparation of new things that people can be a lot of busy office workers to make their peace of mind, He Lingtao also play Out of the free "one-stop service" on the cover. According to reports, one-stop service including optional wedding day, wedding photo shoot, hotel reservations, wedding custom, wedding planning and other preparations for the honeymoon and then to complete the process. New only 5-7 months in advance inform the wedding company, and To pay a deposit of 1,000 yuan for the wedding, the marriage can seal the deal all things, the business of the company can get through the wedding the lowest discount. "It looks like wedding company time-consuming and laborious, but the idea of using the market to complete the integration of resources, was able to find more profitable point." Heling Tao said to provide for the hotel, for example, new people have set ourselves the past catch up with season Sixty-seven often run back and forth to finalize. The hotel wedding co-operation between companies and regularly make a phone call that you know the schedule of major hotels, to help couples save a lot of costly mistakes. Late last year, one-stop service launched , The popular market welcomed the company's business volume now turned over each month nearly doubled. Host Language Creativity is king Marriage is a major event in life, host a fantastic and unique personalized wedding, is now every young man's pursuit and longing. Therefore, this company's products on the wedding and innovation to R & D capabilities Presented a very high power requirements, in this sense, the idea is actually a wedding company's core competitiveness, creativity is king. Of course, in addition to creative, cost control is also important. He Lingtao wedding companies get by with the hotel, restaurant, wedding photo studio, car rental companies and other enterprises to join hands to get through the wedding industry chain, through the reduction of scale Low-cost, to help new people to save money. After all, in addition to personality, the new people also need cost-effective.
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