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Shenyang civil administration 2007 " harmonious
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Via approval of national post office, “ harmonious • is perfect 2007 stamp of individuation of ” marriage gauze to Liaoning new personality in a limited time (in March 2007 ~ in November 2007) open proof order. Can serve as newly-married when, marry stamp of marriage gauze individuation, possess solid culture inside information, perfect value is reflected, it is a kind of best affection accept as a souvenir undoubtedly, it is the best alternative that presents close friends more! Children also can be made personalized stamp send them in the wedding anniversary, send a children the sweet blessing that lives to old age in conjugal bliss to them.

The mail of stamp of individuation of gauze of marriage of perfect ” of “ harmonious • tasted a form 2007: Every marriage celebrates personalized stamp to contain mail to fold 5, every edition is contained marriage celebrate personalized stamp one horizontal edition, embedded 16 stamps. Stamp advocate the graph is newly-married theme, attached drawing provides picture of effigies of gauze of marriage of group photo of 4 pieces of newlywed by Party B, same picture presses a vertical setting of types. Adscititious envelope.

Newly-married individuation stamp serves as what postage proof can offer communication already to use, also be a kind of artwork at the same time, the culture of the stamp is of long standing and well established, far-reaching, it is better to have collect, accept as a souvenir and use value. The beauty that hearts stamp element has ” of “ state calling card praise, the marriage gauze of newly-married resembles can ascending a stamp, that can be the thing that long for day and night. However, be full of harmony and individual character in this today, your dream becomes reality with respect to organic meeting.

“ gathers romantic love heart, let each other dote on condense hundred years”

The near future can be in this net, undertake asking for ordering, pay close attention to this net at any time please!

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