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Marriage of the 4th Guangzhou celebrated exposition to kick off on April 11
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Group of limited company of plan of exhibition of Guangzhou beautiful appropriate and guild of headgear of jade of Guangdong province gem, China is bought online (TeamBuy.com.cn) sponsor jointly, found harmonious family with “ , in all harmonious life ” gives priority to chart problem, think Guangzhou citizen and newly-married fashion group make “ meticulously one-stop the marriage of the 4th Guangzhou that newly-married consumption serves platform ” to be a target celebrates exposition will on April 11 ~ continues 13 days to be in Guangzhou center of new gymnasium exhibition pulls open heavy curtain. Those who deserve attention is, comfortable meet this year is China most festival Olympic Games is lucky year with ” of family planning of our country “ basic national policy executes 28 year, to receive 2008 Olympic Games year, to meet generation only son female marriage fastigium, expect numerous sweethearts will be multiplied in succession situation hold festival wedding, arise then distinct personality, different savoured marriage celebrates consumptive demand and market.
Just disclose according to sponsorring, meeting the corresponding period will hold marriage rich to live in a group to buy grand meeting than fierce have the groom move into one's house after the marriage, newly-married things, green, marry get formal attire of gauze of marriage of Buddhist monastic discipline and fashionable headgear news briefing, brand to taste belly of be ignorant of of Rao of region of news briefing, different newly ancient bronze mirror of wedding feast of banquet of dance, marriage. In addition, sponsor just return as will senior as much home marriage to celebrate, marriage interpose organization, expert, fashionable media cooperates, increase more marriage to celebrate an element, abound exposition spot content. Organize more style group of personage, newly-married and more in senile marriage celebrates customer site to purchase, in order to build Guangdong the biggest one-stop newly-married consumption serves platform.
According to introducing, the member that participates in a group to buy has an opportunity to obtain include liquid crystal TV, Kang Bao to disinfect meal of ark, luxurious report Bao, elegant hold high-quality goods of pillow, car in the arms, cloth with soft nap of 3 million wool resembling element is photographed picture head, happy forest the elegant gift such as activated carbon. In addition, every a few days ago 500 sign in person all send 500 T money, had T money to be able to attend the auction of forum directly; 20 left the member that orders 300 yuan of above every a few days ago, all can obtain give elegant hold pillow in the arms. And during exposition, sponsor just had arranged in Guangzhou sports on the west road doorway of bank of 9 an ancient name for China (namely on Xi Menxie of square of town of the Milky way, the subway 1, district station G exports 3 lines sports on the west) , free bus is received send a group to buy a membership.
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