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Tianjin first marriage affection exposition kicks off
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As the bitter fleabane of economic culture suddenly develops, the marriage that regards social the people's livelihood as main subject greeted the climax that the market grows. To new personality photography of attention marriage gauze, marriage is celebrated adorn article, formal wait for relevant link with marriage celebration ceremony, for marriage celebrate an industry to filled minute of development to open a space. A few days ago, “ China Tianjin exposition ” is in first marriage affection hot spring of Tianjin emperor condition is recreational go vacationing the village is held.

The city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong already held marriage rich successfully to meet for many times, marriage rich meets those who be in Tianjin hold the Tianjin that will be rapid development to bring a to shine first beautiful scenery line. According to sponsorring the Xin of Tianjin city day of this second activity relevant personage introduces advertisement, the concentration that meets through marriage rich is revealed and one-stop service, what bring a vision to go up to the people is new enjoy, the new sense on acknowledge, the marriage that advocates harmonious, reason consumes an idea. In the meantime, stimulative Tianjin marriage celebrates the internationalization of the market, modernization, form the dimensions benefit of big group, big confluence.

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