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What person is more healthy and macrobian
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Scientists think via research, the following health of hopeful of 10 kinds of people is macrobian:

1. The figure is short person American scientist thinks, the mankind is existing an appropriate height, so that make,the potential of the body gets the play of utmost. This height is: The man reachs 168 centimeters 165 centimeters, the woman comes 162 centimeters 159 centimeters.

2. A bit fat (heavy) person the weight that American scientist surveys 6 million person, a bit fat person mean life amounts to 80 years old of above.
3. Bald man bald secretes exuberant be caused by because of male hormone more, and the amulet that male hormone just is a man, bald man life is accordingly long.

4. Ear better considers to discover, the person much long life with long ear, or as exuberant as gas of the kidney inside its body about.

5. The waist is fine person the expert considers to discover, “ belt is longer, life jumps over short ” . The waist is fine person in live to be 70 years old the agreement of above occupies 95 % , and contract cardiovascular disease rarely.

6. The first-born person the data makes clear, embryo of just a little person life is the longest. In 90 years old of senile groups, embryo of just a little is born occupy 60.6 % , 77.3 % are occupied in 100 years old of age group.

7. House is green person consider to discover, in corporeal living conditions same situation falls, busy all the year round the floriculturist in greenery safflower clump, be on flowers and trees than growing exiguous, air is foul the person of busy streets lives on average 7 years more.

8. Much dream person Japanese researcher discovery, the hypnotic peptide of corporeal —— dream that is put in a kind to affect Morpheus in person head. A kind of person has a dream hypnotic peptide, another kind of person does not have a dream hypnotic peptide. Have a dream hypnotic peptide can make a person macrobian.

9. Blood pressure slightly tall person the longlived person of 80 years old of above, blood pressure maintains mostly in 160/90 millimeter mercury column is controlled, its life is far the old person that has 120/70 millimeter mercuric post only than blood pressure is tall.

10.B blood person B blood person disposition expression is gentle calm, easy magnanimous, contend for not overly strong emulative, happy-go-lucky. Researcher discovery, the person of the B in macrobian crowd blood occupies 83 % .

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