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The expert opens a cookbook that prevent cancer
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Dietetics expert expresses, the reasonable prandial construction, nutrition that keeps good and the significant step that defying oxidation state is cancer of prevention and cure.

Expert proposal is given priority to with plant sex, animal sex is complementary cookbook of the health that prevent cancer includes, everyday edibles of 300 grams corn (among them three for legume, three for flour kind) ; 500 grams are vegetable, among them must 300 digest greenery food; Food of sex of 200 grams animal, be like fish, birds kind, egg kind, lean lean; 250 grams milk; Products of 50 grams soybean.

In addition, proper complement fights usable dietotherapy oxidation nutriment, be like VC, carotene, eat the seed that contains material of active of VE, plant, incrustation more kind food Ji Duofen kind tea, Huang Tong kind the exchange such as the glossy ganoderma of hawkthorn, medlar, ginkgo, soja, fungus can enhance immune power, prevent cancer.

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