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The winter of winter food drinks honey to take a surname less more
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Dietetics home puts forward, season enters a winter, want to drink honey more, take a surname less. What truth is this?

This because, the main climate characteristic in the winter is dry, moisture content is lacked in air, human body lacks moisture content likewise. To get used to a winter this is planted dry characteristic, so, our human body often must give him " of " fluid infusion, in order to alleviate the dry climate harm to our human body. Drank water to also become us to cope with a kind of of " of " autumn dry necessary step more. But, if we drink plain boiled water solely, can not resist completely the negative effect that autumn dry brings us. After water portion enters human body, outside can be evaporated very quickly or evacuating a put oneself in another's position, so, home of medicine of our country ancient time offerred good plan of an optimal diet for us: Salt solution of “ day day, late late sweet soup. "Change character, drink plain boiled water, water Yi Liu is broken, if a few salt is joined in plain boiled water, the circumstance differred greatly, that so not light prediction of a person's luck in a given year. This kind of method, with us modern medicine gives patient mediumly compensatory physiological saline is a truth. Drink bit of brine by day, drink the water that nod honey in the evening, the good method of moisture of human body of this since complement, it is the autumn preserve one's health, diet good plan that resists consenescence, return the constipation that can prevent be caused because of autumn dry at the same time, it is with one action really 3.

Honey is the precious gift that nature sends us the mankind, the nutrient part that it contains is particularly substantial, main component is dextrose and fructose, both content is amounted to 70% , in addition, still contain D of C of A of protein, amino acid, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin to wait. Honey has able-bodied physique, improve intelligence, increase haemoglobin, improvement the action such as cardiac muscle, long take but prolong life. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: “ honey has 5 meritorious service: Clear heat, fill medium, alexipharmic, moisten the respiratory tract, acetanilide. "Modern medicine also proves, honey is sclerotic to neurasthenic, hypertensive, coronary artery, hectic wait, all have curative effect. Often take honey in the autumn, be helpful for the rehabilitation of these diseases not only, and still can avoid the autumn dry harm to human body, have the embellish lung, effect that raises lung.

Winter season, want to drink brine and sweet water more on one hand, do not eat on the other hand or eat the food of acrimony barbecue and so on less, these food include chili, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, ginger, green and wine to wait, especially ginger. These food belong to hot sex, lose many moisture in cooking again, after feeding easy get angry, the harm of accentuation autumn dry to our human body. Of course, will little
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