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The 11 gold standard of man health
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Ten healthy experts of American pass long effort, announced List of standard of a piece of healthy gold. The man in you mights as well before boastful body is very good see this to him first. A bit what want statement above all: Can accord with completely the following 11 tests, be qualified calls “ the man of truly healthy ” , simply one in hundred! If 11 in he can achieve 7, already the model for painting that can weighs healthy man, if some day needs clone mankind really, he is completely OK what ground of be worthy of becomes human body cell is optimal the person that offer.

1, the HDL(high density that he has top level spends lipoprotein)  

Dr. Aikeerte points out cardiovascular expert: “HDL has clear arterial action, if can be achieved or exceed 90mg/dl, very few meeting produces serious hemal block sluggish. ”

2, have two close brothers

These two brothers cannot be coach of his current staff, neighbour, fitness, anyhow cannot be the person that any solid appear in his life surely. If heart doctor thinks,the psychologist that studies man friendship withers: If a man of 35 years old of above accords with this one standard, show he has healthy social connection, he will be more macrobian.

3, he is right the following two problems answer “Yes”

“ everyday in the morning, are you expecting to work? ”

Midday of “ every the world, are you expecting to come home? ”

Through be as long as practice of 30 years studies, dr. Geleibaien discovers, answer the man of “Yes” to these two problems, the risk that dies at heart issue illness special low.

4, antigen of PSA(prostate particularity) value under 2.5ng/ml

Dr. Haiteluona points out prostate cancer expert, the risk that this index indicates to he contracts prostate cancer is lower.

5, ejaculation can

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