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The health of the darling of new mother note begins from mom
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October be pregnant, in one day labors, life of a new student and a new mother were born. Do new mother, there is double heavy responsibility on the shoulder: It is to develop mother love, feed darling, 2 stars him care, restore at an early date. Competent new mother, need love, need science more.

Benefit of mother milk feed is much
•Contain immune material, can increase darling immunity capacity.
   •Can promote darling facial the normal growth with the tooth, have the effect that prevents dental caries.
   •Can enhance communication of mother baby affection, stimulative darling intelligence develops.
   •Can promote a mother to expedite child delivery the exudation of element, the systole of stimulative uterus, make postpartum uterus restores at an early date.
   •Can improve maternal metabolization function, use up when be pregnant, store inside body adipose, be helpful for reducing weight, restore progestational posture.
   •What can reduce maternal breast cancer and ovarian cancer to happen is dangerous.

New mother needs special care

New mother experienced what the hardships of October be pregnant and about to give birth labor to use up, be badly in need of compensatory and many nutriment, in order to accelerate postpartum restore, lay good foundation to feed.

The darling of feed of pure mother milk is complete by mom galactic provide nourishment, and the galactic how much nutrition state with quality and wet nurse has immediate concern. One person of lactation mom “ eats, 2 people use ” , the nutrition that they need is commonner get high much. Disequilibrium of wet nurse nutrition can affect the content of galactic nutriment directly, the growth that affects a baby then development.

   What nutriment do new mother need?

1, new mother needs a large number of filling calcium
A large number of calcium inside lactation woman body are entered galactic, if do not increase calcic complement right now, meet calcium of the separate out in the spirit way from wet nurse complements character galactic in go. The supply of daily and prandial nutriment that our country recommends measures a regulation, the adult is daily need to absorb calcic element to measure 800mg, and wet nurse needs 1500mg. Investigation is shown

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