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Reduce weight of subtle move take a walk how many long the most appropriate?
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From of old people thinks to take a walk after the meal is a kind of good convention, for the person to wanting to reduce weight, more should nurturance is used to this kind. The researcher of American new York still is discussing up to now: When to take a walk after all more advantageous to reducing weight. Of the student that they exercise through insisting to take a walk to a batch monitor, discover meal hind 45 minutes or so, with horary 4. The speed of 8 kilometers takes a walk 20 minutes, quantity of heat is used up more quickly, this time takes a walk be helpful for reducing weight. They return discovery, if can be after the meal,2 ~ take a walk 3 hours again, time about 20 minutes, so, the effect that reduce weight will be more apparent.

They still remind people to notice: Indigestible food should eat when breakfast or lunch only, and should not eat when dinner, because people is ordinary,after dinner manual activity decreases, also take exercise rarely, go against so reduce weight.

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