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What is actor Yo, how to accomplish actor Yo
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Prepotent actor Yo is two when make health of children body and mind grows successive dynamic processes. Prepotent and OK the baby that assures to be born has good congenital quality; Actor Yo is to be in acquired and appropriate environment, below scientific breeding, make children grows the play of ground of utmost of genetic latent capacity of development comes out. A good tree is planted scatter on fecund land, can grow seedling of healthy and strong. But if water meticulously, plant diseases and insect pests of fertilization, lop, earth up, prevention and cure, this congenital and hale seedling also may misshape grow, die young even, the capable person that does not grow Cheng Dongliang certainly

Prepotent should from make before marriage. Want to accomplish: Not intermarriage; The both sides of male and female that contracts certain and severe hereditary disease does not marry or do not bear; Notice pregnancy health care, avoid the undesirable effect that suffers virus infection, radiation or certain pharmaceuticals; Strengthen nutrition; Improve obstetric quality, prevent to produce an injury to wait, these are the first pace of sponsorial mouth quality.

  The 2nd pace is actor Yo

Actor Yo includes the implication of two respects: Health care and education. Former with promoting children constitution to grow development is given priority to, if provide enough nourishment, undertake constitution takes exercise, disease of prevention and cure. Latter basically is development of stimulative children psychology, have intellective development, foster good moral character to wait. Anyhow, actor Yo should include the full-scale development such as moral education, intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education. The purpose of actor Yo should make children grows namely for physique hale, intelligence develops, the new generation with good moral character.

Actor Yo can say only then at fetal period. It is the prenatal education of main content with language, movement, music, make fetal brains is a blank no longer, and formed primitive memory and thinking. Fetal be born after the world, of Gan Tian galactic, scientific breeding, appropriate environment, special caress, colorful life, the body thrive that makes infantile correct tender. Pure heart causes goodness, young head grows wisdom. A clever, healthy child is parental pride, family is happy, also be precious fortune of the country, it is the talent resource that accords with social need. Accordingly, prepotent actor Yo rectifies the quality of a the Chinese nation to rising, finish the 4 ports with change great undertaking to have very principal.

   How does ability accomplish actor Yo?

October be pregnant, fetal be protected specially in uterus and matrix; After in one day labors, fetal leave the mother's body to come to

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