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[Vigilant] the thing that the ten million other computer cannot put
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The following thing can put beside computer:

A cup of hot water is put beside the computer, increase circumjacent humidity, in order to ease eye unwell condition

Tree of cactus, ginseng reduce radiant greenery

Eyedrop, when feeling the eye is very dry, can drip

Put a small-sized fan, increase ventilated sex.

   Use computer is small stick person

◆ had better investigate screen to the eye to make the same score inspect low 10 to 20 centimeter, can reduce the chance that raises on eyelid, besides wanting to make an eye much rest, often blink even come wet eye. >> > the correct sitting position that dilatancy uses computer

◆ eats the food with good eyeball of a few cross-eye, if egg, fish, cod-liver oil, carrot, spinach, pachyrhizus, pumpkin, medlar, chrysanthemum, sesame seed, turnip, animal is hepatic,wait.

◆ eats a few fight radiant provision: Although computer is lesser to impact of human body health, but also should prevent. Drink tea can reduce radiant harm, the fat polysaccharide in tea has fight radiant action. Oil of helix alga, sanded thorn also is had fight radiant action.

◆ gone computer should wash a face, should notice to exercise at ordinary times.

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