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The praise that teachs the child so is the motivation that child health grows
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Pedagogic home and psychologist think, the praise is the “ activator ” that child health grows. Because, proud become reconciled gets the better of the child, they hope they can get the affirmation to the parent and teacher and praise. This kind of self-respect, aspirant psychology is normal health. The child's effort got acknowledgement, their self-respect got satisfaction, can produce happy experience. This kind of experience can increase the child's confidence and enterprise further, arouse the child to take more positive action, go striving for greater success. Just, in daily life, a few parents and teacher did not observe this one element, perhaps say to did not give enough attention. Accordingly, the means method of the following praise deserves the attention of the parent and teachers.

   Expectation sex is praised

When the parent and teacher express hope to a certain child, discover the child's virtue easily, the parent and teacher should understand this. Psychological worker reachs through observation and research such conclusion: Be in usually, the negativity language that the parent uses to the child and the scale that edify sexual language are 3: 1, even some taller even, such doing is incorrect. When people hope a certain child progresses when, always think this child is good, every act pleasing to the eye, see progress a bit, with respect to light up with pleasure, natural meeting gives the child with potential drive.

   Inductivity praise

When certain result is obtained in some respect when the child and showing favorable development trend, the parent or teacher should are opposite objectively calmly of the child advocate external condition tries to be analysed scientificly. If believe firmly the child is comfortable,at face this way develops, answer abide abide tries revulsive, give the child through ground of verbal bearing exert a subtle influence on in order to affect, make the child is in be praised while make clear oneself to answer to try hard and develop toward what direction. Particularly effective ground is to use indirect form to undertake to the child inductivity is praised. Be like, with innocently the classmate that the form discloses him to the child to the child's praise, companionate, relatives and friends and division commander, let these people convey the child the message of revulsive praise, often can obtain the favorable effect that expect is less than

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