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Cropland bright Xie Yiqian marries
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Tian Liang of champion of diving Olympic Games and Xie Yiqian are in 29 days happy match of knot of happy event of restaurant of lira of Xi'an sweet case. With “ ” of 7 valve snow gives priority to the wedding of the problem to appear romantic and sweet, bridal Xie Yiqian is fond of twice extremely and sob.

Proclaim to everybody when Tian Liang “ wife, when I love your ” , the tear since the extensive in Xie Yiqian eye is smooth; When Xie Yiqian tearful express one's thanks to, firm him respecting “ is to go up certainly when all one's life repairs the good luck that come to be able to be ” of husband and wife with Tian Liang knot, the word has not said, sound choked with sobs, weep again. Tian Liang gave her an affectionate hug.

Warmth of cropland bright Xie Yiqian gets married the bride is touched twice weep (group plan)

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