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Tong Dawei was acted according to 8 years on April 17 child get married
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Tong Dawei's wedding day came down surely eventually. On April 7, mai Gongmei discloses, she had received Tong Dawei to invite her to join bridal telephone call.

Mai Gongmei expresses, tong Dawei's wedding will be held on April 17, hai Yan also affirmed this one message, state wedding will be in Beijing big public house holds Suofeite. Pass the information that Yue has been pregnant to Tong Dawei's wife, good friend teach of Tong Dawei vasts to express: “ likes the child very much all the time greatly, consider was pregnant not strange also. ”

Before, the message that will marry about Tong Dawei is troubled by bubbling with noisely. Till March 13, tong Dawei just announced this one news formally to everybody through rich guest, just calculate end. On April 7, madam Mai Gongmei of Sun Nan made public ” of this “ secret to everybody through rich guest. Mai Gongmei says, ” of Little brother “ (Tong Dawei) know oneself are character of a public, just hid the information that had gotten a marriage certificate to the outside so. And be in on April 5, tong Dawei made a telephone call to her, the news that told her wedding will be held 17 days this month.

Hai Yan discloses, original Tong Dawei wants to be in the hotel with subordinate group to do wedding in him, but because be decided entirely that day full, was forced to change Beijing all alone to poor especially big hotel.

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