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8 big star of Asian are classical and bridal 2006! (Drawing set)
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One, the most low-key wedding: Li Yapeng and Wang Fei. Two people got a marriage certificate in Urumqi citizen political situation on July 28. According to Urumqi newspaper report: Wang Fei and Li Yapeng reach Li Yawei that day afternoon, with additional a man that wears shallow blue T-shirt, take a car to come to local citizen political situation. Get off from two people arrive all the time in marry registry office does procedure, li Yawei does not leave the left and right sides from beginning to end, and the whole course that the man that wears shallow blue T-shirt took them to register with DV machine. When departure, they still are before building of civil administration bureau group photo accept as a souvenir. The staff member confirmed civil administration bureau Li Yapeng and king humble visit are to deal with really marry register. On July 29, li Yapeng and Wang Fei are after Beijing restaurant of government office of sea small king places marriage banquet, bilateral family and cater-cousin are attended. The fact proves, li Yapeng and Wang Fei still chose the commonnest date and the most low-key means finally to make a good work.

2, the most surprizing wedding: Thank thunderbolt sharp edge and Zhang Baizhi. On September 18, below bag of Xie Ting sharp edge Philippine half Pamalican isle, complete the beach this world that they dream

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