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Romantic Italianism is bridal
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The times of tradition and individual character is paid attention to in this, wedding also should do so that already distinct personality accords with a tradition again consuetudinary, be inferior to imitating Italianism wedding consuetudinary, plan equalize field has grade already do not fall the Western-style wedding of convention!

Yapingning type garden is bridal

In traditional Italian wedding, people can jump traditional dancing will welcome visitor, name of this kind of dancing is “Tarantella” ; The flat peach kernel that they also like to distribute sugar-coat very much gives all honored guests, these flat peach kernel care about the hardships and difficulties of the indicative marriage in big profit culture. Additional, italian bride has definitely the little bag that the name is “busta” uses Cheng Zai cash and gift, the honored guests that wait to come round to attend marriage dinner serve case gift.

   “ imitates ” of place to go: One has the place that exceeds big garden. If you found a such places in the country, might as well move oneself wedding there to hold- - outdoor scene should have a feeling more than the garden of luxury hotel far.

“ imitates methodological ” : Ask a band, can be music model, also can be common band, but the traditional sex to consider wedding, had better not ask the rock-and-roll group of special avant-courier. Music looks the melody of newly-married great rejoicing can be represented in wanting to have folk-custom music already, also want to have the music that can bring the dance since people into play. Anyhow, the wedding that an eligible band can be you absolutely graces many.

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