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Additional kind of wedding- - marriage gauze illuminates bridegroom of lottery o
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Although Beijing has not rolled out “ marriage to celebrate the personalized lottery such as lottery ” at present, but the youth of Beijing already too impatient to wait. Last weekend, on the wedding that holds in Beijing to new personality, special from Shenzhen airborne a batch of marriage celebrate lottery, the guest that blesses to each coming round served a special gift.

Yesterday, the personage expresses related center of Beijing blessing colour, personalized lottery is at present outer the ground is pilot performance is good, later center of Beijing blessing colour is likely also according to market demand, the consideration issues lottery ticket of a few individuation.

   Marriage gauze takes lottery ticket of Yin Shangfu benefit

Get to can make wedding does vivid, lively and have commemorative sense, double chromosphere the 2006061st period drive prize that day, bridegroom Fan Mou entrusts center of colour of Shenzhen city blessing to issue lottery ticket of welfare of computer of a group of individuation designedly. As we have learned, circulation of bridegroom Fan Mou's custom-built lottery of this group of individuation is 200 pieces, center of Shenzhen blessing colour should the requirement of newlywed, this was printed to be illuminated to gauze of new personality marriage in lottery the reverse side. Wedding was worth double chromosphere that day the 2006061st period drive prize that day, so marriage gauze is illuminated also imprint in current the reverse side of the double chromosphere lottery that drives prize.

It is reported, bridegroom Fan Mou is the lottery reporter of Beijing some newspaper, when preparing wedding, he thinks a job and life be in harmony are an organic whole, then brainwave easily, illuminate marriage gauze print go up in lottery. But because Beijing had be notted issue marriage celebrate lottery, so 2 people are found had issued marriage the center of Shenzhen blessing colour that celebrates lottery.

   Visitors says marriage celebrate lottery to have new idea very much

On wedding, marriage celebrate lottery to give visitor as commemorative gift people, celebrate their wedding, also bring guest an accident surprise. When the red package that gets send a present in return when the guest that attends wedding, very amazed, feel quite interesting. Come round to attend bridal relatives and friends to say, although this kind of marriage celebrates lottery and normal lottery average volume, it is overleaf imprints only went up marriage gauze of color is illuminated, but on the paper of happy expression appear vividly of newlywed, have new idea very much.

Compare with traditional marriage banquet photograph, the special segment that this newlywed sends ” of “ red bag for guest makes wedding in
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