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Marriage of royal family of world each country loves grand sight
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Spanish crown prince expends benefit admire

Spanish crown prince of 36 years old expended benefit admire to fall in love with civilian woman for two times. The first woman that dotes on for him is the underwear model that comes from Norway Mu of accept of hill of · love baby, both sides maintained the amour that is as long as 4 years. Dan Aiwa devoted for professional “ in the past of ” naked after reflecting classics media exposure, make a lot of domestic standpatter personages do it sidelong glance. More those who let character of a few superstratum be accepted hard is, love child is low-born, parents leaves other, father still is the worker of factory of paint of a car. A lot of Spaish think, an any Spanish girls are much stronger than loving baby, spanish king couple also does not like to love baby, think she lacks the education with formal palace, although make up a missed lesson hurriedly, also cannot become the queen of mother appearance the world. In December 2001, this paragraph of love that cannot be admitted by compatriots from beginning to end eventually with helpless full stop is terminative.

After a year, fei Lipei met unexpectedly again female reporter holds the Spanish TV station that —— of another civilian woman is 32 years old concurrently · of Qi Ya of compere Lai the base of a fruit Aoerdisi · Luokasuolanuo. Dan Laidi Qiya has “ weakness ” likewise: She is a has divorced woman, 1998, she ever with hold together of teacher of a college marriage of a year. Perhaps Qi Yatian of Lai the base of a fruit is born is the life when queen, because allow the Spanish queen with daughter-in-law very captious ” to “ ,Sophia is in after meeting with her, unexpectedly with respect to the ” in “ photograph she. In November 2003, spanish royal family announces Fei Lipei is engaged with Laidiqiya, the marriage of two people was held on May 22, 2004.

Er of graceful button of Italian princely Yi

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