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The wedding in Shenyang sky deduces romantic love
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People goes after individual character now, bridal style also is to be renovated exceptionally, can use the world sea to describe simply, recently, shenyang has a pair of new personality to try to be unique, will marry celebration is moved to 10 thousand meters of headroom to hold, let blue sky Bai Yun be witnessed for his love, you say this is quite romantic.

In the morning at 10 o'clock, agitato ascended the Yu Jiahuan of Shenyang and Yang Li to leave for Shenyang peach celestial being International Airport passenger car. In the show of choose of lucky new personality that holds before this, they with outstanding condition, show itself among the person that sign up from many pairs 150, become the bridal protagonist in first sky of countrywide.

Bridal poplar Li: Our mood is very excited, I think this will be the happiest hour in our life.

Midday 12:20, a surname that bears task of flight of the wedding in sky 90 plane takes off by Shenyang, 12:38, the plane flew across winding and grand Great Wall, right now, engine room noise removed a wedding march, bridegroom is pulling a bride to take a step come to engine room forehead, ” of two “ a matron of honour is pulling marriage gauze and a basket of flowers to go in back. Passengers also take out watch for a chance in succession, leave this one wonderful hour. Marriage certificate of read out of chief witness at a wedding ceremony, do obeisance to ” of heaven and earth from “ , all along guest bows be opposite to husband and wife do obeisance to, commutative gift, although be in 10 thousand meters of headroom, but program and ground are done fastidiously like traditional wedding. When the plane is about to fly across the Yellow River, wedding also entered a climax. Right now, passengers begin aboard to be troubled by a ” of “ bridal chamber to come with air hostess, new personality dissectioned indicative perfect cake, distribute happy candy to every passenger, setting foot on new life from 10 thousand meters of headroom on behalf of this pair of new personality itinerary,

Bridegroom Home Yu is joyous: This bridal and special ground is held in sky lucky, feel special also the ground is happy.

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