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Cathedral is bridal - Germany
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German girl and boy pass the understanding of period of time, after bilateral feeling is mature, want to announce to be engaged commonly, hold to be engaged ceremony, inform close friends of bilateral relationship. Relatives and friends but give sb a present sends congratulate, but general don't bother to see me out weighs a ceremony. When be engaged, both sides of male and female wants exchange to be engaged ring, wear leftward middle finger to go up to the other side each other, wait for when marrying, change it to right hand ring finger again. About be engaged, the origin of wedding ring, it is ancient time grabs marriage deductive result allegedly, at that time, the man is grabbed come the woman of other tribe wears chains to her. Pass much teenager evolve, chains became be engaged, wedding ring, the man wears ring to state she already put in me 's charge to the woman all.

After both sides is engaged, often can prepare for the wedding that will hold before long. Want to marry above all registry office is registered, this is legal place requirement. After registering, be in jural two people are lawful husband and wife. Hold cathedral wedding namely subsequently. Jural do not ask to must hold cathedral wedding, but general German, especially Catholic dweller, often want to hold cathedral wedding when marry, they think this is the beginning of satisfactory marriage.

Cathedral wedding says to be compared commonly grand, its form is in western each country is general also same, this can see from inside drama of western movie and TV. Bridal in the begining, bridegroom station awaits a bride before chancel, he does not accompany a bride to walk into cathedral. The bride is pulling her father (if father is late, can wait by elder brother, relationship between cousins of the same grandfather or great-grandfather replace) arm, in " wedding march " in move toward bridegroom slowly. Two people face chancel and clergy or Catholic father station becomes, the men and women awaits photograph station to be in later the position.

Right now, priest or Catholic father are blessed for newlywed, ask whether both sides is willing to be a husband with the other side respectively (wife) “ arrives dead to never depart all the time ” , two people answer “ to be willing respectively ” . Next, newlywed exchanges ring, kiss.

Priest or Catholic father prayer had said “ Amen after ” , newlywed is accompanied by close kin and main guest, enter the prayer at the back of chancel room sign register. The autograph finishs come out, musician again achieve " wedding march " , the bride is pulling the sword arm of bridegroom, walk out of cathedral slowly, the ceremony announces an end then.

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