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5080 meters of romantic snow mountain that go up are bridal
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In altitude wedding is held on 5080 meters snow summit, this ases if is beautiful fairy tale. In festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, armed police traffic 4 detachment Liu Aimin of 3 squadron platoon leader and fiancee tall ease, namely in altitude of plain Tibet highway 5080 meters snow mountain rush to deal with an emergency protects building site of be open to traffic to go up, round the dream of newly-married.

The unit of armed police traffic that Liu Aimin is in, loading Tibetan churchyard sea to unplug the 4000 conserve that hide highway to 5000 rice plain keep a job. He and fiancee tall ease decide so 2003 marriage of new year's day, army also approved his marriage holiday. But be enclothed by ice and snow as a result of highway, army rush to deal with an emergency protects a task to weigh, he does not go, tell the instead in the home the Spring Festival goes back marry. Who knows Spring Festival drawing near, the highway along the line with army responsible institute falls repeatedly heavy snow, rush to deal with an emergency keeps a job heavier, liu Aimin must send a telegram that defers wedding. In the home the Gao Yi of looking forward to receives cable, in the heart extremely anxious, things marries on the belt then, amount to the airport to Tibetan state by plane from Chengdu, take a vehicular traffic next, rush about all the way the unit that sought fiance seat.

Unexpected meeting, liu Aimin and tall ease are so excited that Liu Aimin and tall ease hot tear is filled with the socket of eye. Wedding protects the snow mountain that connect in army rush to deal with an emergency hold on building site. Soldiers cut word of bright red happy event, drive did a few safflower, be in indigestion ice at present: Wish Liu Aimin Happy New Year, newly-married happiness. In former days the snow mountain of doleful hollowness carries overflow on the head language of Man Huansheng laugh, bright red, dazzing double “ is fond of ” word to appear flowery all the more and dazzing below the set off of snow mountain. Bridegroom is wearing brand-new military uniform, long-term field builds a road to bask in the black face that go out, in bridal charming white face set off falls, more appear a few minutes of lovely, forthright and sincere. The bride leans close in bridegroom closely beside, the overflow on the face smiles happily completely.

Without marriage gauze, without makeup girl, without elegant wedding march, but officers and soldiers orderly, blessing clang, it is like resound of warm spring breeze for a long time on snow summit, agitate is worn the heart of this pair of newlywed ……

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