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10 big classical wedding of world are consuetudinary (drawing set)
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Indian wedding: For sacred

Look in Hinduism apprentice, conjugal first goal is to fulfil a variety of religion obligation, among them sacred most important; But, the man must get married to give birth to a son ability is qualified oblation of Xiang Zuzong consecrate. Accordingly, on spousal, connubial both sides is this execration, pray, pledge, and the husband makes clear say with the wife: I just marry with you to get a son. The person such as flamen also wishs for this they.

Danish wedding: Undertake secretly

Letting what we feel strange is, make preparations marriage meets several days, can undertake secretly however, because make preparations publicly,can enrage phantom or the jealousy that cause them. In marriage celebrate when be about to end, people carries beer of one great world in the garden. The hand of bridegroom bride is grasped in wine world upper part, next wine world is hit so that smash. Attendant comfortable marriage woman can come fractional pick up, the woman that gathers the biggest fragment is destined to meet the first marry, and collect the smallest be destined to be met all one's life do not marry.

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