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Door of ferry of galactic square testimony heats up balloon wedding first times
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Yesterday afternoon, hold royal wedding in galactic square to new personality. Plan to take steam ball to wind an a week after celebration originally, because of weather the reason cancels after.

Bridegroom surnames man, this year 28 years old, the bride is surnamed old, be of the same age with bridegroom. Yesterday afternoon, bridegroom and bride had not shown up, decorated the bridal spot in galactic square to be surrounded by tourist. Rising and falling music drifts in galactic square in the sky, the arena of purple chair, red carpet and pink forms a romantic world. The ceremony holds distance marriage to still need 1 many hour, huge hot balloon has waved in galactic square in the air. To cooperate bridal normal rhythm, the staff member of team of Tianjin city heat will heat up a balloon to rise ahead of schedule, waiting for new personality to ascend steam ball.

Because,the likelihood is whole and bridal spot too too luxuriant with grand, a lot of sweethearts are attracted to come over, the chic invitation that puts the new personality on the desk to send relatives and friends repeatedly also is become numerous the central issue that surrounds view masses attention. Bridal spot was become simply marriage the advisory spot that celebrates a company, want purposely to hold bridal youth to ask all sorts of questions often. Marriage celebrate a company to take out a balloon liberally to give attendant little boy, let a lot of children close with joy not approach mouth. Wave in in the air steam ball is the eyeball that attracted a lot of children more, everybody slips move annulus is slippery, do not agree to leave round steam ball for a long time.

Wedding engineers a company:

Outstanding ceremony costs bridal window about 30 thousand

According to be in charge of engineering this bridal festival hall wedding engineers the Mr Xu introduction of the company, according to the plan of new personality, after the celebration on square ends, they will take steam ball to wind an a week, outdoors celebration just calculates an end. Besides steam ball, the violin band of bridal spot, carriage enters and the window that flower “ aids a ” to become different common. Mr Xu expresses, only bridal ceremony costs 30 thousand yuan about.

Yesterday 18: 30 the left and right sides, bridegroom and bride fall in the company of a pair of flower child, the cart that rides Za Manxian to spend enters galactic square. Carriage is being circled one week later, slowgoing enter an assembly room. Holding the instant of car of bridal pace discontinue in the arms in bridegroom, violin band is played " wedding march " , in the congratulant sound of emcee, celebration pulls open heavy curtain. The carpet that bridegroom is holding a bride in the arms to stepping on besprent flower is slowgoing trend

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